Homeroom/ La Classe Titulaire 7-7 Room 221

Role of the Homeroom Teacher
Primary contact
Notes (or e-mails required for absence & date/s)

Arrival Times
Doors open at 7:45; first bell at 8:00 (If late, or leaving early, student must check at the office. If you are not coming in to sign them in, you should send a note to ensure they are marked late excused or absent excused).

Home-School Interaction
Importance of continued involvement in your child’s education.
Use of Power School to keep parents informed of attendance, behaviour and marks. You will all be given account user names and passwords.
Check homework page and website. Updated regularly.

Electronic Policy
Cell phone use in the classroom can be a distraction to learning. Students are not permitted to text or receive texts in class. If taken, the cell phone will be turned into office and a parent must come in to pick up.  There will be times students may be given permission to use their cell phones .

Care of School Property
Students will be issued textbooks. If they are lost or destroyed, students will be charged the cost of the book.

Academic Expectations
Homework. Teachers will be posting homework.
Classroom work. Cooperation and attention

Exams in June ( English, Math & Science)
No final exams in Français, Social Studies, Religion, or Health

Three reporting periods (December, March, June)

Traffic Flow
Speed limit, 10 km/h
Enter off Toronto St., using upper entrance and proceed around the back of the school to get to front of school. Students should be dropped off at student entrance and not before 7:45.
No parking in bus lanes; note lanes and arrows in parking lot

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